Top Notch Logistics

As a reputable and long-standing 3PL since 2005, Top Notch Logistics is your dependable resource in a rapidly changing transportation environment.  There are many reasons to select us at your key provider for your distribution, warehousing and fulfillment needs.

With a wide breadth and depth of industry experience, the team at Top Notch Logistics works together to negotiate a program that represents solutions for your cyclical or evolving supply chain requirements. We are always looking to expand our key service offerings into areas that add value to our current and prospective customers. For example, are you looking for a partner to alleviate your demand planning and product line replenishment workload and help you achieve your business goals? Contact us and let’s discuss it. What is your current distribution challenge? Allow us to be your trusted 3PL intermediary that resolves that concern, leading to savings to your bottom line, and also to top line growth.

From a shipping standpoint, you can expect excellent transportation value via an extensive network of over 3000 reliable freight carriers. Each carrier must meet CSA 2010 standards and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration standards. This ensures that our carriers run clean, well-maintained equipment with good safety records & adequate carrier insurance. Minimizing your liability concerns and “getting shipments from point A to Z” with professionalism and a strong communication interface adds to your company’s ability to confidently focus on business with efficiency.